Sunday, November 13, 2011

You May be a Russian Spy Ship

By Philip Gardocki

During one short cruise off of the Korean coast, it was announced that we were being observed by a Soviet spy ship posing as a fishing trawler. We received orders to shut down all radiating elements, radars, sonar, anything that emits radiation that the Russians would be interested in.  And then, we largely ignored them.
How can you tell if a fishing trawler is a Russian spy ship? Well, to borrow the parlance from Jeff Foxworthy:

  • If you have more antennas then fishing booms, you may be a Russian spy ship.
  • If the school of fish you are chasing is always in the direction of a US cruiser, you may be a Russian spy ship.
  • If somebody on that cruiser moons you, and you know the Captain’s name, have the correct frequency and the equipment to call him and complain about it, you may be a Russian spy ship.

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